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I empower my clients to create life changing transformation in any area of their lives.  My clients dream big and are committed to action.

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As a life coach, I partner with you to take your dreams and goals and convert them to projects that are achievable.  I am the project manager for your most important creation; a life built by design and purpose.

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Movement-Based Coaching and More...

Many people find it easier to access their intuitive, creative and resourceful sides when in movement. I use my experience as an avid hiker and runner to coach my clients while moving in nature.

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About Carolyn

Carolyn Mahboubi is an IPEC-trained professional life coach, single mother, ultra-marathon runner, and a passionate advocate for creating sustainable positive life changes.

Soon after arriving in Beverly Hills from Iran at 11, Carolyn became fascinated by the fashion world, and went on to open Versace’s first U.S. franchised store on Rodeo Drive in 1982 when she was just 16 years old. While successfully managing her growing business, Carolyn graduated from USC with a Bachelor of Science in business administration before continuing to build her influence in the luxury fashion industry. As a fashion maverick, Carolyn established a thirty-year professional career building high-end brands such as Versace, Hermès, YSL, and Gucci.

Personally, Carolyn’s journey was not always so smooth.  Finding herself in a failing marriage, Carolyn initiated a difficult divorce before becoming the full-time single parent to her two very young children.  Like many single mothers, Carolyn successfully navigated the complexities of parenting and working full-time to provide the life her children deserved.  In the process, she learned how to creatively leverage support from family, friends, and colleagues to reach a gratifying balance in her life.


However, in her mid-40’s, Carolyn gradually began to realize that the things that used to satisfy her, personally and professionally, had become less rewarding, and she confronted some of the physical challenges of growing older – including chronic back pain that gradually began to impact her active lifestyle.  Carolyn realized that self-reflection and reinvention were in order.

Carolyn made the life changing decision to hire a life coach; one who helped her achieve dreams and goals that were so beyond anything she dared to set for herself.  With her coach’s help she went from chronic debilitating pain to running ultras, left a toxic relationship and lay the groundwork for meeting the partner of her dreams, gathered the courage to leave a job that was prestigious but not in line with her values, and ultimately created harmony and purpose in every area of her life.  As friends and family observed Carolyn’s transformation, they began to ask how they too could make a shift to achieve greater happiness.  This is how Shift Life Coaches was born.

Today, Carolyn is helping men and women lead more fulfilling lives through her work as a professional life coach.  Trained at IPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) and a member of the International Coach Federation, Carolyn takes her clients through a proven methodolgy, delivering powerful and sustainable results in a short period of time. Now in a rewarding relationship with her partner, John, she lives in Los Angeles with her two teen children.



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What is Coaching? 

I specialize in collaborative solution-based coaching. This type of life coaching helps you focus on areas of your life with untapped potential. By identifying emotional and mental blocks, we work past negative self-talk and create a plan for achieving your goals. This process of keeping you accountable to yourself has the power to create a lasting and measurable shift in your life.

How is Coaching Different than Therapy? 

I am often a referral from doctors and therapists who want to ensure that their clients continue to stay true to their physical and mental wellness goals.  

Solution-based coaching is a present and future-focused practice. While we may investigate your past for the purpose of identifying the blocks to success, we will not linger in past traumas. Instead, we will explore what you want from your future. By harnessing your innate strengths, I will help you design an achievable plan that is empowering and possible. 

What is the Process? 

I accept clients by invitation or referrals.  We begin by designating 1-2 hours for an intake session.  The purpose of this session is for us to get to know each other, explore the power of coaching, and assess our fit.  This session is complimentary and by the end of it, we will make a decision regarding next steps.  If we are a match and you desire to work with me as your coach, I will be happy to share my fee structure with you at that time.


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David L.

Los Angeles

“I never realized how important life coaching could be. Working with Carolyn has opened doors that I didn’t even know existed.  She is insightful and will help you discern hurdles in your life that stop you from being the best you can be. These breakthroughs have helped me not only in my business but also in all other areas of my life and relationships.” 

Linda L.

Santa Monica

“Carolyn Mahboubi is a treasure. Putting myself into her deft and intuitive hands has brought me to a higher understanding of self, and has helped clear the way for what I am truly capable of. She helps redirect your energy to the things that matter to you most. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to create higher quality and authenticity in the way they live.”

David D.

Hermosa Beach

"Carolyn’s style is subtle yet empowering.  She was able to navigate me to the questions I needed to ask myself and would use her innate and uncanny abilities to get me to delve further until I would experience a breakthrough.  She made it comfortable for me to go places that I was too uncomfortable to go before. Making the experience more powerful is that all this happens while surrounded and connecting with the natural world.  The sessions she held while hiking in the Santa Monica mountains were a perfect backdrop for me as an athlete and a reminder of the therapeutic powers of the natural world.  I’m grateful for where I am in my life today and the confidence that moving forward, I can craft my own narrative."

Charles J.

Thousand Oaks

“Carolyn coached me through an exceptionally difficult time at my work, when I felt trapped in a job that made me unhappy.  She helped me to re-frame my situation, eradicating my trapped feeling and ultimately enabling me to find the confidence and words to effectuate a change that resulted in a broader and infinitely more satisfying role.  I was - and remain - blown away by her ability to open my eyes to new possibilities that were always there.” 


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